Goldcube Sluice box (all in one)..helps with amalgamation and less panning.


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Dec 27, 2012
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SO I decided to cut down on the amount of refined #100 sieve amalgamate that i have and try to cut down on the amount of panning by building a sluice box with a twist. Gold Cube the beginning of the box... seemed like the next jump in cutting down the amount of fill/muck i was having to pan. Anyhoo here it is .. Works like a charm except keeping the wife from picking out the nuggets while it's running ... lol


WEll just an Idea I thought i would share! The wife loves it! and I love that she's more than willing to load it up all day long..hehe!

Oh, I got your pm, just been buried at work. Will call you soon.

hell's yes use what you have!

If it's already amalgamated then why run it like this :dontknow: Once it's mixed with the charged mercury I see no need for using a sluice so you have me stumped ???

I don't use mercury Red.. its just amalgamated with a ton of heavy metal.. IE we have nice nuggies stuck to Molybdenum, platinum crystals, turquoise, silver sulfate, silver oxilate, and Valleriite.. its an ugly mix and the gold cube is my savior with the sluice, just due to not having a ball crusher to take it down to talcum powder.. IT's on my list of must builds tho..
The wife and i are processing in the back yard so mercury and Cyanide are out for us.. im having to pan and Aqua Regia it out! Using the term Amalgamate , i'm using it loosely to defer to the mix of minerals its mixed in with.


What kind of mat do you have on the ladder, how is it attached. How long is your ladder, and how far is the material going down the ladder before it settles. Thanks in advance... PS did you get my PM?

There is a good Gold Cube exhibit at the GPAA gold expo at the fairgrounds I saw today. Basically a folded up sluice with traps every foot.

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