rock and minerals

  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this rock?

    Hi all you geology sleuths:) I found this on a beach in New Zealand. It is lighter than stone, it is rock hard, and does not have any residue that transfers to material when rubbed. It does not make marks on anything except unfinished porcelain, it makes a dark brown line when drawn across it...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Found some sort of ore, not sure if it is zinc, nickel, or silver??? Can anyone help me out pls??

    I would appreciate the help identifying it thanks!!! And as always keep hunting!
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help Identify - Is this a Meteorite?

    Found in Hayden, Colorado at an excavation company's yard. Could've been brought back to our yard from Arizona as well because we've worked around the western US (mostly Co and AZ) since 1944. Not magnetic. Does not leave a mark on white paper. Very light weight for its size. One side looks...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are These Diamonds?

    I have read as much as I could and looked at every image on the internet...and yet I'm still not confident if these are diamonds. Why? Because for every precious gemstone, there are 10 other stones that look exactly the same. 😂 I know kimberlite, blue ground, natural erosion of diamonds...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please help identify host rock and mineral

    I found this around a friends property in central North Carolina. It looks like its containing gold but ive never seen a host rock like in the picture. I've done some tests and know it's not magnetic. I'm wondering if anyone else has an idea of what it might be or way to identify. Obviously it...
  6. Native American 3/4 grove stone axe head

    Hi there, I just acquired this axe head from one of my clients yesterday during a plumbing service call, she?s 70 y/o. She told me she owns land nearby pillager MN just north of Bemidji. She was walking through the wilderness looking for wild ferns to dig up and plant at her other home in the...
  7. A

    What is this rock?

    Hello! I found this rock in Cooperstown, New York. It doesn't worth anything probably but I am curious what kind of rock it is? It looks like a snake skin/ reptile skin. I found something on Google about the snakeskin agate but my stone doesn't look really like that. Thank you!
  8. Unidentified pieces of my collection

    Recently I was reorganizing my collection and I found a bunch of unidentified pieces I had forgotten about and just stored away. Iv'e picked out my 4 favorites if anyone could help me figure out what any of them are It'd be greatly appreciated! The largest piece is the one I'm most curious...
  9. Chert, Agate, and more! all from an RV sales lot of all places.

    Hello! This is my first post here. So recently I was helping my mother buy a used RV from a resale lot somewhere on the Georgia/Tennessee state line. We'd been to so many places that day I honestly can't remember everywhere we went I can't remember the name of the place I got these rocks but...
  10. Rock or fossil

    Found this rock in wood upside down near a bunch of natural springs no other rocks near it middle tn need help identifying it
  11. Rocks

    i have found these rocks can anyone identify this plz?
  12. ✅ SOLVED Hello and thank you for welcoming me , I found in desert south of Las Vegas. ???

    Hello and very magnetic , I found in desert south of Las Vegas. ??? I forgot to say its very magnetic
  13. Rock or Gem Identification

    I recently returned from a few months of working on a farm in Idaho. I’m going through all my finds I stumbled upon in the desert and mountains..going to post the mystery rocks/objects the next few days but I’ll start with just the simple stuff. Any info/opinion is welcome ! This rock is heavy...
  14. Misterious Volcanic Rock?

    Hi, so today out in a nearby field i found this rock which looks volcanic to me, but i dont have much experience... Its was found in a field near a city which doesn't have any volcano activity there or even close, in fact the country (Portugal) does not have or had any active volcanoes. The rock...
  15. Any idea what this rock is????

    Ive always wondered what this is, found it when I was young. :notworthy: Thanks:) Found on beach in California.
  16. What Kind of Rock is this? Is that Gold or No?

    This rock was actually found in our yard and once we broke it up we found this (see pics). Can anyone tell me #1 What kind of rock this is? #2 Is this unusual? and #3 Is that Gold in it or something else ie. Pyrite etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. A little background...
  17. 1st time metal detecting - can rocks set off detectors?

    Today was my first day metal detecting and found this metallic rock. I was wondering what rocks set it off. Just trying to see if I can narrow down the list to identify this find. I’m in the middle TN region.
  18. Magic Red Rock !!

    Hi all, help me identifying this Red rock found in my site in South India . Majority of the site has an outcrop of Quartz Feldspar of high Grade. Just wondering if this can be of any help to market this? Does it have any potential mineral that can be processed and used ? Thanks in advance.
  19. No idea please help

    I have no idea what kind of rocks these are but if you can help me identify these it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you