1. Simplex vs pulsedive with 8 coil?

    which is better option for hunting in sea up to 2m Nokta simplex or Pulsedive 8 coil on stick, any experience?
  2. New To Metal Detecting

    I am just starting to look at metal detecting as a new hobby. I have not even bought a metal detector yet. Any recommendations for one that is reasonably priced yet can work well in 10 feet of saltwater?
  3. ✅ SOLVED Dog tag like item Mrytle Beach, Sc

    Went to spring maid pier in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on staturday, and found out the beach was very well maintained or had been hunted very heavily. There were not many targets so that is why we only found 93 cents 🤣. The most interesting find was what looked like a dog tag about 4 inches...
  4. Saltwater metal detectors

    Can someone list the cheapest metal detectors that function well in and around saltwater?
  5. How low can you go? "Good enough" saltwater beach detector?

    I'm gonna spend some time on Costa del sol soon, what better excuse to finally try metal detecting as a hobby :icon_thumleft: I'm fetching my Vibra-Tector 730 from the post office later today. Now because of Spain, i've decided to go all out saltwater beach/underwater in my first real detector...
  6. AT Pro in wet sand/saltwater

    Does the effectiveness of the AT Pro in wet sand/saltwater really depend on the mineralization of the beach? I did a beach hunt in New Jersey earlier this year and had crazy falsing in the salt (even with the coil cover removed), but AMAZING results on dry land. Now perhaps it was the beach...
  7. Beach find - lead?

    So, new to the forum as far as posting. Curious if anyone has an idea on this. Found these figures (6-8 inches tall or so) and other related pieces in a tight area at low tide on a beach in San Diego over the weekend. Mostly under sand but no deeper than a few inches. They seems to be lead...
  8. WOT coil on Sovereign GT and Sovereign Elite falses way to much in salt water?

    WOT coil on Sovereign GT and Sovereign Elite false's way to much in salt water? Hello, I just bought a NEW WOT for my Sovereign GT and Elite and it not only is so hard to pinpoint with the gigantic coil it false's alot even with the sensitivity turned as far clockwise. It also loses alot of...