1. I've been digging up a large platform scale.. piece by piece

    This isn't silver or gold but it's certainly been entertaining to unearth. A couple weeks ago my hunting buddy found the large piece and I thought that was pretty cool but I returned this morning and found 4 more pieces which include 3 weights and the weight hanger. I hit the '100' weight with a...
  2. What are these brass items found in old deep ravine dump site >

    Came across this huge ravine that people have been using for years to dump their stuff into...I wanted to pass on a few items I have no idea what even to call...Need help identifiying with much appreciation.
  3. Can anyone recommend a nice scale?

    I looked through almost every thread that had the hit "Digital Scale" to see what I could find and noticed that it really varies from person to person. Quite a few people mentioned the scales from Harbor Freight. I would prefer it to be a pocket scale that I could take with me, but I am open to...