Can anyone recommend a nice scale?

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Nov 14, 2012
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I looked through almost every thread that had the hit "Digital Scale" to see what I could find and noticed that it really varies from person to person. Quite a few people mentioned the scales from Harbor Freight. I would prefer it to be a pocket scale that I could take with me, but I am open to other suggestions. I'll be using it for a range of things from weighing gold & silver jewelry, to coins, and herbs (not that kind of herbs). :laughing7: Is .01 or .001 a big enough difference that I should be worried about? The two that I saw recommended the most were:

Gram Scale - 1000 Gram Digital Scale
Digital Pocket Scale

Now, my concerns are that the 1000 gram scale doesn't have a tare/zero out button.

While the "pocket scale" measures up to 500 grams, does have a tare/zero out button.

Not sure what you looked at, but when I bought my scale, since I also do Colonial coins, they are weighed in GRAINS, I had to narrow my search a bit, but I did get a very nice pocket scale probably 6 or more years ago and other than a battery change once or twice it has been great. I bought a MY WEIGHT Dura Scale, which most likely is not made anymore but look for one with a calibration weight, and TARE feature. I do recommend looking for GRAINS capability.
This site has quite a few and it is who I purchased mine from.
Digital Scales, Weight Scales, & Balances. Shopping Made Easy.


I was mostly thinking of jewelry at the time, sorry. Both scales also weigh in grains.

Harbor Freight has several. For the money they're a good deal. I've got the centec 93543 folds up fits in your shirt pocket. That & my diamond tester goes with to buy jewelry etc. I've dropped it kicked it & retested it against a balance beam scale, and it's been dead on even through 3 years of use. If you need to convert to grains or another weight, copy a conversion chart reduce it when you print it. Tape your chart to the inside of the cover. If you're as terrible at math as I am add a cheap pocket calculator. Should cover just about any situation you'll run into.

For more money than the Harbour Freight scales, check out Cabela's and look at the ones made for reloaders. The RCBS one is much better than the Cabelas brand. You can change from grains to grams to etc. with the push of a button. I'm sure there are other brands designed with reloaders in mind as well. RCBS quality on everything they make is outstanding.

I realize this is an older post but I have had many scales over the years both digital & balance. The digitals are nice for carrying around but when it comes to having a scale for the house or when selling nuggets or whatever, a good balance beam grain scale can't be beat. I've had 2 digital scales just not work right when you need them because I don't use them every day. One was broken & the other needed a new flat battery... So the balance beam is my preferred because it always works but it stays home. My digital has grains, grams, & dwt or pennyweight, which is nice for the gold I sell. So spend the money on a good quality balance beam scale and then a pocket digital that you can take into the field.

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