1. 1910 house

    My family is purchasing a house from 1910 the house is still there along with a lot of newer modern junk and scrap where would be some good places to find more valuable items in and around the house any help or info would be great thanks
  2. PGM pricing, artificial inflation?

    Good afternoon treasure hunters. anyone who watches the PGM market knows its a fickle thing, we had some (relatively) recent all time lows on platinum, palladium, and rhodium, which has begun to recover to near pre-pandemic levels. its my opinion that people are seeing PGM start to rise, they...
  3. Treasure from scrap cars

    Hello all, i wanted to share with everyone here who may not know this..... Scrap catalytic converters are worth a ton of money. while i dont exactly know what the best cars are to find them on i do know that the prius, certain Fords, and certain Honda catalytic converters are 600 - 1300$+. I...
  4. POP TABS... keep 'em!

    Pop tabs... we all hate 'em right? But keep them!!! Many people collect them for people who need wheelchairs. Think about it, you always get at least one per hunt. If you don't know of anyone who needs them then you could put out a free add on kijiji. All the person needs to do would be pick...
  5. ✅ SOLVED Non-Magnetic Foilish Thing?

    I am relatively new to metal detecting. What is this thing? Is is somewhat flexible at the end, and non-magnetic.
  6. All of my first month junk finds!

    I decided to clean my junk finds out of my car. Here they are including hunts at beaches, parks & remote areas of Florida. To my untrained eye they are "junk" finds anyway. If you see a possible hidden gem let me know! Thanks for the input!
  7. Silver - 1Kg for $40! - Electrical Fuse 2500A 500V ASEA Sweeden

    This is more of a "WIN" than a "find", but I know many of you are hunting silver... and it is easier to scrap it than dig it up. I bid on a box of old fuses/circuit breakers online. Nobody bid against me (the modern ones don't have much silver) and I managed to win it at AU$40. On inspection...
  8. Scrap cell phones collection for sale

    I sell my father's collection of scrap cell phones,from year 2000 till year 2012.More than 500 pieces.
  9. Northern Refineries "Northern Refineries is a full service refiner of all precious metals. We buy, refine and assay all forms of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.Gold buyers, gold refineries, platinum buyers, platinum refineries, platinum refiners" Stuart Avig...