1. Help to find the treasiyre - from iraq

    Help to find the treasure woth the codes and signs on the rock... This rock is between 2 other big rocks.. Right part of rock Left part of rock Above
  2. Hello guys, This is a rabbit shape rock with signs. can you please help me decode it? It would be very much appreciated.

  3. Middle East Signs

    What is this?
  4. Railroad Crossing Sign/Marker

    Found this a few days ago in N Texas. Each part of the sign is 72". Made of wood. Any info is appreciated!
  5. Strange metal sign UK

    Hi , While out walking near some woods hidden under some old trees I found this metal sign. I posted it on here in the hope that someone can tell me what it is . I have googled and found nothing. I'm curious as to what it is. It is metal I have no idea of age. It's on a walkway but not a public...
  6. What do these signs mean? !!!

    Hello fellow treasure hunters, There's always been stories about some ancient [very precious] treasures in my village. For as long as I can remember, our elders (their elders told them and so on :-)) told us, that the people who lived on this land before us, hid their riches and fortunes in...
  7. Farm Dump Find

    Though not spectacular and a little crusty I thought I would share a couple finds from a couple years ago metal detecting in a 1890s-1940s farm dump. The sign is probably from around the 1920s. What seems strange is the nearest railroad was about 2 miles away. I also found a 1920s Sterling...
  8. Old metal sign advertising

    Found today. Any thoughts are appreciated. Approx 56"×28".
  9. Old Advertising Sign Hand Painted

    Approx 56"x28". Thanks!
  10. Treasure Marks weird

    dear team i just joined the forum . i would like to share this mark if it has any meaning
  11. Found "GAS" But It Didn't Pay for the Gas

    Went out for a half hour with my son. He is only two so he lost interest pretty quick. Found pretty much all iron with a couple pull tabs. I don't mind a little old iron once in awhile. I have found quite a few harness buckles but none this large before.
  12. who can explain this holes and this signs

    hello dear masters this place belong to Iran but there are multiple storeis about its history. there are many holes on the rock we call them joghan in some case (they are sign too for distance and directions) that used for oil and make the fire and people did their mourning traditions. i cant go...
  13. Vintage Coke Sign!?

    Can anybody give me any information about this Coke sign?
  14. Nabisco Advertising Sign??? (Cannot find info anywhere)

    Through the years I have looked this thing up off and on and could never find another one out there. I'm assuming it's an old advertising sign but beyond that, I have no clue. I believe it was my grandfathers, no clue where it came from or how old it is. If anybody has any info, please send it...
  15. NEED help on this one , thank you.

    good day sir. i really need help on this frog shape stone. is it a marker of any sort or does it mean something please help. thank you in advance. does this resemble yamashita markers or something. really dont have a clue. we got this six feet below ground.
  16. what this sign refer to???

  17. please help treasure mark

    can you tell me please what this sign refer to...
  18. important sign,,, please help

    i've founded this sign ,,, is marks to a treasure .. please help from experts...
  19. Any ideas? M E Fox

    This is carved on an old cedar stump way out in the woods believe before 1917 as the stump,is charred and the last fire was than, yes cedar stumps last that long bugs don't bother with cedar, there's stumps here that are 150 plus years old. Looks like someone carved the stump to look like a fox...
  20. Old Peace/Religous Aluminum Sign: PLEASE HELP!

    While metal detecting near an old bottle dump today, I came across this aluminum/tin sign that caught my eye. It measures 17.5 by 13 inches, and has a peace sign with praying hands and a cross. (I put a quarter on it for size comparison) I found it in Bedford, Virginia, and need help figuring...