1. 1895 Bolen & Byrne Soda Bottle

    1895 Bolen & Byrne Soda Bottle

    Founded in 1857 this company purported to be the first sellers of Ginger Ale in the USA. This bottle dates to 1895 (date embossed on base). B&B declared bankruptcy in 1903. Bottle recovered 10/26/23.
  2. Lehing's Beverages Quality Supreme

    Lehing's Beverages Quality Supreme

    This is a Lehing's Beverages soda bottle from 1924. The company operated at 404-406 Jackson Ave. Long Island City N.Y.
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    1929 Nehi pocket knife bottle opener
  4. EF4AF71B-3887-444A-BB49-6E03DF95F837.jpeg


    1929 Nehi pocket knife bottle opener
  5. C9A03359-DD53-44BD-A65E-E1DF3051E2B4.jpeg


    1929 Nehi pocket knife bottle opener
  6. What is this strange coke bottle and how old is it?

    This is my first post btw so I apologize if this is not in the right format. I mostly use the fossil forum. I dug this out of a river in western Washington where I have found 1890's pottery and stoneware, 1900's medicine bottles 1910's mouth wash 1920's poisons 1930's Clorox and purex 1940's...
  7. Harry W Brice Avon-By- The -Sea Tall Soda blob....... Price/Value??

    Hey guys, sorry I've been M.I.A for a while I need help getting a VALUE on a bottle . Harry W Brice from Avon-by-the-Sea NJ I can't find much info other than these 2 links, pic below middle bottle He says it is quote "An...
  8. Unlabeled Bottles Found

    The woods that I found these in have been ridiculously thick with autumn olive for at least 30 years I'm guessing, so it's not likely that many people have ventured through lately, and it's even more unlikely that someone decided to stop and have a drink there. These are probably fairly old, but...
  9. Blue Steinke and Kornahrens Charleston SC soda bottle

    Anyone know what this one is worth? Thanks!