1. Replacement Coil Ideas for Sovereign XS-2a Pro

    My original 10" DD coil is looking shabby - outer wire casing breaking all apart exposing interior wires. I've taped it all up and still continues to work, but I think its time to look at a replacement. Anyone have any experience with some of the replacements available? Suggestions for good...

    I'd prefer a working detector, but non-working ok. I can issue PayPal payment. Shipping would be to New Jersey, 08205. email: [email protected] Thank you.
  3. Minelab RCB RX Coil Amplifier Board

    Reaching out to the forum, especially those who have built their own coils for the sovereign/excal detectors. I am interested in building/modifying a few coils for my blue excal in an attempt to customize them for my particular area and gain the best depth and stability. With my research so...
  4. The Sovereign Saga #5

    Skipping #4 which was my last hunt almost 3 weeks ago at the old coal mine again, but with my son. It was more adventure than metal detecting, but interesting things were found when we were not playing Minecraft. With the weather changing to sub-zero the last few weeks digging has crawled to a...
  5. ❎ SOLD Minelab Sovereign XS2a-Pro, 550 Meter and 10" Tornado coil for sale.

    For Sale Clean, Minelab Sovereign XS-2a Pro w-550 Meter and 10" Tornado coil. Hi everyone, I'm selling one of my Sovereigns to help fund an non-detecting related purchase. I've got a real clean XS-2a Pro control box w-550 meter and 10" Tornado coil for sale. The control box is in great...
  6. MY FIRST GOLD COIN!!!! Still shaking!

    Hi all well I went out to a local field yesterday metal detecting, over 20 degrees Celsius (quite warm) and wasn't expecting to find anything. Ive never found anything REALLY good, nothing to write home about, but little did I know when I got an iffy signal in the 50's on my Teknetics eurotek...
  7. ❎ SOLD Ultimate Minelab Sovereign GT setup

    Have Ultimate Minelab Sovereign GT setup to sell. Sovereign GT comes with : NEW Unused Sunray S-5 (5" DD) and S-8 (8" DD) coils as well as the HARD TO FIND Detech SEF 10x12 coil, UK style Minelab 180 scale meter, 360 rotating raised V-clip for the meter that attaches anywhere on shaft Minelab...
  8. 🙋 WANTED CTX 3030 Used? New? Decent deal?

  9. ❎ SOLD I Have toggle switch boot covers for Minelab Sovereign XS2 Elite GT FOR SALE

    $2.99 each + 46 cents shipping. 2 or more on one order=free shipping. Paypal only PM or email to order.
  10. Adding pinpoint/mode button to handle for Minelab Sovereign GT straight shaft

    Any tips links advice appreciated. OR if you know anyone who does this mod. Thanks in advance!:wrench_orange:
  11. ❎ SOLD Minelab Sovereign GT straight shaft, 10"coil , enviro cover, new 28" lower shaft

    Minelab Sovereign GT straight shaft, 10"coil , enviro cover, new 28" lower shaft USED Minelab Sovereign GT with straight shaft,V-clip, 10" stock Tornado coil , enviro cover(no strap just cover), new 28" lower shaft,also comes with new toggle switch boot covers and new alkaline battery pod...
  12. ❎ SOLD Minelab Sovereign GT Elite Eureka Musketeer Rechargable Battery

    Great shape! Barely used. Asking $79.00 shipped. FREE SHIPPING IS FOR CONTINENTAL 48 STATES ONLY.
  13. ❎ SOLD Sun Ray S-1 Probe Pinpointer for Minelab Sovereign GT Elite models

    S-1 HAS BEEN SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLDExcellent item works great, Asking $95.00 shipped FREE SHIPPING IS FOR CONTINENTAL 48 STATES ONLY.
  14. 🙋 WANTED Minelab used parts: what do you have?

    Shafts cover v-clips what you got? :icon_thumleft::coins::3barsgold::2barsgold::treasurechest::icon_thumright: PM , POST or [email protected]
  15. Explain how turning down the sensitivity on the Sovereign increases finds?

    I think I understand...but not exactly. I have been reading and re-reading, "Finding Gold,Silver and Coins with the Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur metal detectors" by Clive James Clynick. I'd like to get in touch with him: I'd do some good illustrations/drawings for the book if there are going...
  16. ♻️ TRADE Want to Trade my extra Ultimate 13 for Minelab Sovereign for stock or Sun Ray 8"

    COMPLETED Ultimate 13 for Minelab Sovereign for stock or Sun Ray 8" *****ULTIMATE 13 HAS BEEN SOLD*****My extra like-new Ultimate 13" for your Sun Ray or stock Tornado Slimline 8" coil. Comes with original box too. Also have a Sun Ray 12" or stock 10" Tornado Slimline.
  17. 🙋 WANTED Need 8" coil for Minelab Sovereign: Sun Ray or Tornado

    Wanted: to buy OR trade for my extra Ultimate 13" for 8" Tornado/Slimline or Sun Ray(NOT interested in the original heavy "800 BBS"). Thanks for lookin':icon_thumright:
  18. I Have toggle switch boot covers for Minelab Sovereign XS2 Elite GT FOR SALE :hello2:

    HERE>>>>> NEW Minelab Sovereign XS,Elite & GT TOGGLE SWITCH BOOT COVERS Finally AFFORDABLE | eBay
  19. Minelab Tornado 10" stock coil for sale/bids--ONE day left.

    SOLDI Have this on ebay has a modded cable of 28"----Minelab Sovereign GT Elite Tornado 10" Coil with Coil Cover | eBay
  20. Hunting Platinum ring/large band on land with the Elite.

    Any tips for settings to look for thick platinum band in a yard with Sovereign Elite? Thanks in advance!:icon_thumright: