standing liberty quarter

  1. Random First Time Find

    Awesome Day out Metal Detecting, So may outstanding finds!
  2. Dateless Variety 1 Standing Liberty

    Got my first silver of the season,,hunted my daughters yard and was getting a few wheats and the next thing you know out pops a shiny one! Wish it was a 1916,,no such luck,I checked other ways to date the coin,,it must be a 17, got 2 Roseys 21 wheats,,not a bad day,,,
  3. Lead Standing Liberty Quarter

    I have a standing Liberty quarter that appears to be lead. It's dated 1929 and weighs 7 grams. It's a dull gray color and makes a thunk sound when dropped on a wood table. My aunt bought it from her son who then gave it to me with several authentic standing liberty quarters and barber coins...
  4. standing liberty with a date-

    found 3 of these so far but this was the first with a date and my first silver for the new year
  5. Beginners luck maybe! 2 day hunt. Lots of coin

    So Im still new to the metal detecting hobby/addiction. After having trouble with a fisher F70 and almost calling it quits. I got a great deal on a whites DFX with a few coils. Today ended my first 2 REAL days of using the detector and all I can say is WOW. I had gone out a few times for 30...