star note

  1. A couple of star notes...keepers?

    I recently received a couple of star notes from my atm and I was wondering if someone could give me some information about mintages, what they're worth, etc. The $20 is in darn near perfect condition and the $1 is decent. Both are birth year notes which is pretty cool. Thoughts?
  2. Dollar Bill Hunting

    Got $100 in ones at my bank today to try my luck at searching. I think I did pretty well and had some beginners luck. Found a Trinary bill, a star note and a 77777 note. Looking for opinions on whether or not its worth trying to sell the 77777 note on ebay? I looked up trinary notes on ebay and...
  3. What is this worth??!

    I found a G 00051632* one dollar star note... after further researching, I found that it was part of a 640,000 prints... Is this worth something? Iā€™m very new to paper currency hunting! Thank you!
  4. misprint starnote silver certificate....

    I got this bill from my grandfather and was wondering what it was worth???