1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Tang dynasty horse statue?

    I found this horse statue, and am having a hard time figuring if it’s a tang dynasty porcelain or not, someone with some knowledge please help! I’d really appreciate it.
  2. Statue

    Found on demolition site I was working at wanted to find out how old it could be possibly made from silver also if anyone can read the bottom of statue or recognises the stamp
  3. ✅ SOLVED Need help identifying this statue?

    Does anyone know who this woman could be? And from which period? It could be just a random woman from ancient times, but does it hold any value at all? What do you think?
  4. That's my find of the YEAR! A figure made of bronce

    That's my find of the YEAR! A figure made of bronze Hello guys, this Jan from the old continent, from Germany. I can't believe what I have found. I think it is an awesome find. Actually the authorities have this litte statue. I hope to get it back as soon as possible... If i get it back...
  5. Statue Needs Help

    Dear Sir please help me identify this statue. Who is the maker / artist of this statue and when it was made ? Is it a rare item ? Thank You
  6. Small statue found while scuba diving off Catalina Island CA

    Please someone help identify this small statue. I am trying to help my grandmother identify this statue. She has had this since the 1960s when my grandfather found it while scuba diving off the coast of Catalina Island California. I have done tons of research and I believe it is pre Columbian...
  7. Goodwill Treasure

    Shaking my head after some lengthy research once again, sometimes I overwhelm myself weighing pros and cons. (I have Asperger's) lol. After a good 30 minutes of digging around the store I was ready to check out a couple things, then decided to take one more look in the "collectible/figurine"...
  8. ✅ SOLVED I was hanging out in a hole and this lady showed up!

    I was out hunting today and this popped out of one of my holes. Can anyone tell me anything about this? Age maybe? Small holes on both sides makes me believe there was once moving arms. Little less then 4.5 inches with feet broke off. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Small stone statue found. What is it?

    My brother found an old stone carved statue in a field. Roughly 4" tall. It's a woman with with a cloak type garment carrying a basket with her left arm and her right hand is up to her mouth. It looks very old. Thanks in advance for any help identifying this item.
  10. Molly Pitcher Steel Figurine/Statue?

    I found this broken steel (I think) statue in a dry creek bed yesterday. It's in bad shape but a cool piece. I want to find a picture of something similar, but have had no luck. Any help is appreciated!
  11. ✅ SOLVED MDg Wins House Treasure

    MD'g Wins House Treasure Always MD inside any house you can! Alright, found this under the floor boards of a closet. Jesus Statue, which I think might be Sterling Silver. I have tried to research it, to no avail online. I cant read the signature right, and searches for jesus statues are um...
  12. Vintage Pre-1940s Standing Dog Statue with base

    Friends, I need help finding a dog statue that was lost during a move (yes, that is the moving picture & possibly the last time I saw the statue). I don't know much about the statue & the above picture only has the rear-end view of the statue, just below the doorknob. For size reference, I...
  13. coca cola waitress on skates

    Ive been collecting for quite some time but have never came across an item like this one someone please help me with the year and what its worth?.. thank you..