1. Found in mid Tn. A few days ago

    So a while back I dug up a 1/4 reale. A few days ago I managed to dig up another object of greater size and weight. A few feet away I dug up another object that looked almost like a metal stamp. The next day I began cleaning the pieces and realized the stamp contained designs of waves and...
  2. My first big silver!

    My first big silver! It’s in horrible shape but I couldn’t be more proud of it. Found it with a Fisher F22 Type: Walking Liberty Half Dollar Year: 1943 Mint Mark: D Face Value: 0.50 USD Total Produced: 11,346,000 [?] Silver Content: 90% Silver Weight: .3617 oz.
  3. Hello from West Tn! (East of Jackson) Exit 126 I-40

    Hi, I just joined. I would like to metal detect with others in my vicinity. Please let me know if interested. Im off exit 126 on I40, Decatur County. Thanks!
  4. Southern Rockhounds, I need your help!

    Hello TN! Me and my friend are taking a road trip from Michigan to Tennessee and Kentucky. We will be staying in the Gatlinburg area but are looking for some places to rockhound nearby. Does anyone know of any good spots? We have a pretty wide radius that we'd be willing to travel. I'll...
  5. Estill springs tn

    I need some help finding locations I'm new to all this but my wife and I have a strong passion for it already.
  6. George Washington Portrait on Rock?!?

    Fount this interesting piece that resembles our Masonic 1$t president's $1 portrait and posted it in the identifying forum and was told by a fellow name backwoodsbob to post here, and that some of you guys would enlighten me on a few things perhaps even tell me what it is here I fount. Thanks guys
  7. Loud Mine Outting With Coker Creek GPAA

    I was lucky enough to be invited to Loud Mine with the Coker Creek GPAA Here is a Video of the outing
  8. First good find. Civil war bullet and nudie coin

    Finally got to detect after moving from Alaska and having a baby. I couldn't go out much with the new baby so I detected in my yard. Stir crazy. In 45 mins I had found a civil war bullet!!! And a nudie coin! I don't know much about either item but that's the first worth while thing I've found...
  9. Hello from the Memphis, TN area

    Hello All. We are very new to metal detecting. So new, that we don't even have a detector yet. We are looking for experts in our area to help with local laws and maybe some group searches. Also looking for any ACTIVE MD clubs near Memphis. We are looking forward to some exciting outdoor...
  10. Question about Western North Carolina/Eastern Tennessee

    I hope this hasn't been asked yet, and if it has I apologize. I can't seem to find any info, which may be the answer to my question...., but here goes. Does anyone have any knowledge of the KGC operating/ hiding loot in Eastern Tennessee or Western North Carolina. I know they were in North...
  11. Hello from Middle TN

    Just wanted to say "Hello" to everyone! :hello: I am a married mother of 4.... I love going to the creek and looking for Indian Artifacts, and anything else that catches my eye. I love odd rocks...lol I enjoy photography, reading about history from all sides, fishing, poetry and what we call...
  12. Morgan County Tennessee - Strange Stone Formation

    This stone formation was found years ago by my aunt, she insists it is Native American in origin. She said the design was carved into it but since the picture was taken with an old Polaroid its very hard to see detail. She refused to say where it was and we only know that it was about a days...
  13. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION 51-Year Old Class Ring to Be Returned to Original Owner

    I thought that I would share this with everyone on here since it's one of my best finds so far. Recently, I was doing some detecting on some land near the lake with my AT Pro and hit a pretty good signal around a target ID of 69-70. Naturally, I thought it would be something made of copper or...
  14. LifeBuzzN from the Hills of East Tennessee

    Hey Folks, it's 1881MF from the LifeBuzzN YouTube channel. I'm fairly new to the sport of metal detecting, I have been on a meteorite hunt with Steve Arnold of the TV show "Meteorite Men", and a few relic hunts with fellow youtubers, but still a newbie. I'm also an avid gold prospector...
  15. Civil war state badge? Medal? Firefighter related? MD Find PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    Found this metal detecting! Says TENNESSEE it's brass with patina! Could it be from the civil war? Firefighter medal? Please help! Not sure what I've got!
  16. Button found at 200 year old house? what is it from?

    I was detecting north nashville,tn at a house built in the late 1700's. This house was used by confederate soldiers. I found this button and was wondering how old it might be and if it came from a soldier? I have seen a few like it but none exactly. It is the size of a nickel and has standard...
  17. Legal parks to detect

    I've been having a lot of troubles determining which parks are metro and which are local and legal to hunt. I live in Nashville TN, if you know of any parks or have hunted here yourself pm me or leave a comment.
  18. Caryville TN??

    Hi all. New to this site, and to MDing. i live in the Caryville area. Campbell county TN. i have been looking for some good places to detect. i have been going to Little Egypt(if youve been here you know what im talking about, if not, i dont know what else its called besides the blue hole) but...
  19. 8 Years Have Pasted

    In 2004 I was on my aunts land located in the south eastern tip of Tennessee. Knowing that her land was a prime location for thunder eggs.. I was able to spot a few ill formed eggs.. those which the cows trampled open or broke while gracing. The hills behind her house are know for "Clear Day...
  20. Someone say Lighting Strikes?

    Someone say Lightening Strikes? Post Removed