1. Woman walking on California beach finds ancient mastodon tooth

    APTOS, Calif. (AP) — A woman taking a Memorial Day weekend stroll on a California beach found something unusual sticking out of the sand: a tooth from an ancient mastodon. This May 26, 2023, photo provided by the Jennifer Schuh shows a Mastodon Tooth in the sand at an Aptos, Calif., beach. A...
  2. Can we talk about the fossil tooth thing I found ? I’m geeking out here

    Well I went through charts and charts of every species known to the area as far back as I could to find a match on this tooth. This is the absolute closest I got. It’s important to note that when the rock broke some chips came off the fossil part as well as when I cleaned it up and gently filed...
  3. Opal tooth found in clay and opal mountain! Seems to be diatomaceous earth and clay!not pre Palio just Palio edited

    This mountain my house is next to spreads three mountains far and is a hike up but it’s made of clay DE and opal. This place is kool has Indian camp spots were knifes skinners and other weapons and tools are found pre Palio . Besides that I found a giant tooth unsure what it came from but found...
  4. Found a tooth!! What kind of animal is it from??

  5. Possible Fossilised Tooth

    I found this tooth at around 6 inches deep in the middle of the woods (pretty much rules out it being a modern toy) in Southern Luxembourg. It was next to an old creek but nothing else was found at that site other than this. The biggest animals over here are foxes and wild boar and it cant be...
  6. Possible Shipwreck Treasure in North Carolina

    Found this in the sand beaches of North Carolina today. It to me looks like a skull at the top in Black and then a bronze possibly claw or tooth attached. The gold like metal sparkles in the black seem different than the bronze part. I'm very new to this so any suggestions or guidance would be...
  7. Teeth? Rocks?

    These were found in Coastal North Carolina. They are shaped like teeth, but dark brown in appearance. Are they rocks? Are they teeth? If so, what type of animal? Time period? Any ideas? I apologize for the wonky orientation of the pictures. Thanks for your input.
  8. Shark or dinosaur teeth?

    Hi guys I found these in an old pail of rocks my grandpa had, dinosaur or shark teeth? Thanks for your help.
  9. Can anyone help me find out what these items are

    Found in my yard after heavy rainfall
  10. Can anyone ID this fossil?

    I think it looks like a claw or tooth. Any thoughts?
  11. Petrified Wood? Tooth? Bone? What Say You?

    Found this. Not sure if it is wood, bone, or a tooth? When I look under a microscope, I think I see veins running lengthwise. But then, maybe it's my warped imagination. What's your guess? Thx!
  12. Rocks

    Fossils Ok I'm no geologist but I hit strange patch of Earth today. Group photo
  13. I think I found a Prehistoric Megalodon Sharks Tooth

    Found today, 2/11/15, while picking. I think it is a Prehistoric Megalodon Sharks Tooth but not sure. Your guess or feedback welcome.
  14. Dinosaur Tooth?

    Hi, I found this about five years ago on a ranch we own in South Texas, about thirty miles north of Rio Grande City, TX. It looks like a tooth to me and I was hoping someone here could help me identify what kind of tooth it is or if it is not a tooth, what it is. I have taken the photos with a...