tot lot

  1. What kind of Tot Lots?!

    Hi, Im new to metal detecting and want to know what kind of tot lots/playgrounds are good to hunt. I means there's school playgrounds, neighborhood playgrounds (like small ones down the street), and more busy playgrounds in beaches and parks. Also which spots on playground also you find most of...
  2. RING!!! Fake or real?

    Hi, I found this ring but it looks fake to me. The jewel is shimmery and is plastic, the metal is shiny but has a few chips in it. It has no markings. Fake right?! (It doesn't stick to a magnet)
  3. Metal detecting elementary school tot lot

    Hello all, Here are my finds from a local tot lot. (I'm still trying to figure out if the heart is silver.)
  4. Got out for a short hunt

    Last evening (3/24) about 6pm hit a tot lot in a nearby town. Temp in the low 30s. Anything outside of the wood chips was either froze or a layer of mud over frozen soil. I had the T$ set up for 2 tone withe sensitivity at 3 o'clock and disc at 12. Hit 9 targets and they were all exactly what I...