RING!!! Fake or real?


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Aug 6, 2018
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Hi, I found this ring but it looks fake to me. The jewel is shimmery and is plastic, the metal is shiny but has a few chips in it. It has no markings. Fake right?! (It doesn't stick to a magnet)

Chances are good that it is a junker. But, its possible that it may be silver. Not all silver jewelry is marked. Get a test kit and see what happens. good luck to you.

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I would call it Silver w/ mother of pearl heart - the bad soldering suggest handmade or bad repair.

How does it read on your detector?

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Silver ring made in jewelry class at school. imo.

Junk would be a better definition of a ring that has no value and or made of non precious metal.

Get out there and find #3!

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you should invest in an acid test kit and a magnifying loop then look up some videos on how to test different metals. Silver turns a bright blue after rubbing the ring on the stone with 18k gold test acid. But you have to make sure to rub it deep enough to get thru any plating if plated.

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I suspect the ring is silver but wouldn't spend any $ trying to confirm since the value would only be a dollar or so anyway.
Put it in your new dug jewelry collection that is going to grow.

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No money needed to find out if it silver.

I'd seen that tip somewhere else a while ago, but did not remember it. Normally I rely on my scratch stones & acids. If I can remember to try the spit test, I'll give it a try, but probably still acid test it.

Maybe I should carry a bit of foil with me on my next trip out! Acid testing in the field! Great post, thank you.

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Disgusting but effective! After I cleaned it up I realised that it has 925 on it!

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It doesn't look vintage to me. What does MOP mean?!

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Oooh! Hehe I'm a newbie

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