1. ✅ SOLVED Iron pokey thing from England

    Sold as a celtic spearhead but I have my doubts. 8 inches long.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Is this a DAGGER?!

    What do you think this could be??? A dagger??? It was found in a park.
  3. Is this a handle of something ancient or modern history??

    I only took pictures of the handle and top
  4. Need help identifying sword

    Need help identifying sword with 2 of the 3 daggers it came with I have no idea if this sword is authentic , where it comes from or what time period or if it is a replica, My guess is the it is 15th - 16th Century authentic , southern europe , maybe Italy based on my own visual examination...
  5. German pistol Walther PPK (real)

    Hi there! :) This is our absolutely new video and a first gun in this year! Nils made a great work yesterday. Video on YouTube:
  6. Central American celt found in Honduras

    20 years back my uncle found this celt in honduras central america, i have no idea if its real, how old it is, how much its worth etc. Is there anyway to authenticate it, or anyplace to get it appraised? Any information on it from the pictures would be helpful, Thanks!
  7. Simple Crude Ceramic Tool is a Mystery. Any Guesses?

    I recently found this mystery item that I think was a tool or weapon. At first, I thought it was made from wood or bone but I don't think so. :icon_scratch: I think it is ceramic due to the weight. It is smooth and covered with a patina from use. Both ends are smooth and rounded. Dimensions...
  8. Artifacts...?

    Hi, I live in MA, and recently visited a site that was used to train US Army troops during the revolution (during this period, the militia), the civil war (they used this spot a lot, WW1, and, to a much lesser extent, WW2. As you can see, generally, there is a lot of history here. Anyway, I...