yard find

  1. 16603406209711629453682392961378.jpg


    Back part of the mysterious item
  2. 16603406065494660474822626581359.jpg


    Does anyone know what this is?
  3. 16603404514131706599048826530133.jpg


    Any of this silver? If so, what are they worth?
  4. 16603399777785787090308032230839.jpg


    Does anyone know how much its worth in this condition? 2005 buffalo nickel mint mark : P
  5. 16603396582093315019992695852469.jpg


    I found this in my yard. Does anyone know how old or its value. The comb is missing one tooth
  6. 16603382496722916974679017772086.jpg


    Does anyone know what this is? I found it in my yard but couldnt find it on ebay. The comb is missing one tooth. Does anyone know how much this is worth
  7. AT Pro Gorgeous 1902 Barber Dime at 6"

    Hit a private yard with my bestie AKA Mineslob. Small house built in 1929. Didn't find much, but what we did find was nice. Mineslob hit a gold ring with his E Trac, and I hit this beautiful 1902 Barber Dime. It's weird because I hit silver with the AT Pro, and he hit gold with his E Trac...
  8. Bullet i.d. help, please?

    UPDATE: JUST noticed there is writing on top! Be right back with another photo! UPDATE 2: Here's the two new photos with writing on top: Hey gang, Took a 20 minute "hunt break" in my backyard just now and found a bullet fragment. We have lots of game here so it's unsurprising if it's...