Bullet i.d. help, please?


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Jul 26, 2012
Western NC
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UPDATE: JUST noticed there is writing on top! Be right back with another photo!

UPDATE 2: Here's the two new photos with writing on top:

IMG_0454.jpg IMG_0453.jpg

Hey gang,

Took a 20 minute "hunt break" in my backyard just now and found a bullet fragment. We have lots of game here so it's unsurprising if it's that, but even to my really amateur eye, it looks like a handgun bullet, doesn't it? Not a hunting rifle?
IMG_0448.jpg IMG_0445.jpg IMG_0449.jpg

I'm in an area settled in the 1600's so it could be WAY old or just recent. I have zero, zip, nada NO idea.


Thanks in advance.

(P.S. Humorous note: My house was built only in 1980, but every couple who lived in it thus far ended up divorced... Wonder if it's from an argument!!!)

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Aug 20, 2009
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From what i can tell its centerfire,looks like semiauto,rimless.I know its beat to hell lol.I want to say its a .45 acp but it looks to small compared to the quarter.Cant quite make out the writing.

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