14k gold ring, louis vutton bracelet, silver earrings

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Jun 6, 2016
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Nice 14k gold band in the very shallow water....ankle deep. Then I got the Brilho gemstone earring out in chest deep water, and finally the Louis Vutton braclet....apparently Louis vutton is proud of there stuff, because this silver plated brass braclet retails at 650$......what a rip off, I couldn't get 10 dollars for it I'd bet. Then there was the silver earring marked 925 italy....it has a fancy designer name with the 925 mark, but I can't read the script. I put on my board shorts, and it was in the pocket from a few weeks back, so it was not from the same hunt....a bonus re find!!

Water has been very warm and its easy to stay in....infact it is hard to get out its so nice. Ill often turn the machine off and flip my mask up and just relax when im finished.....ill sit for a half hour longer and just watch the people. I like to see where the choice spot is in the swimming area.....people tend to congregate in different areas but some spots see much more traffic.....thats where ya want to be !!
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