1994 d jefferson nickel


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Jan 23, 2016
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2016-01-26 13.22.34.jpg2016-01-26 13.22.04.jpg

so here i found this and some of the letters are missing half way...???

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welcome to the forums! Maybe you could explain a little more...what are we trying to look at besides a 1994 nickel?

well the bottom of the o on of is low and the e on america is f ish.. well i want to clean it off but I hear thats bed, the 4 and the c is missing the top of it

After cleanup I'll bet it looks normal. JMO

your coin looks lite on wear, if where you indicated about parts of the devices missing that could be due to either a clogged die, chipped die or perhaps even a light strike through grease can cause such. Now keep in mind it could also be what's called PMD (Post Mint Damage).

Whatever it turns out to be, welcome to T'Net and Happy Hunting.

From the images posted there is no way to determine anything except that it is a 1994D five cent piece. The images are poor quality. That is they are slightly out of focus and poorly lit.

I also agree with Marvin. Clean it up a bit and it will likely look much better.

That's very smart to check on iy better safe than sorry good eye welcome

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