2 cent, IHPs and CWT


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May 2, 2023
Cassopolis, Michigan
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Whites 6000-D, Garrett GTA-1000, Minelab Sovereign, XP Deus I, Equinox 800, XP Deus II
Went back to the cornfield where I got my 50th IHP for this year a couple days ago. It went well. My brother hit first with an 1898 IHP. Minutes later, I got the 1865 two cent, my first in 30 years. Then I got a couple IHPs, 1879 and 1880 in the same area. Then I got this beautiful signal that was a loud and clear 93/94 on the Deus II. I have not yet gotten a cornfield silver and I though sure this was it. When it came out, it was dark and penny sized. Our light had faded and it was crusty, so we couldn't tell what it was. When I got it home and cleaned it off, it turned out to be F-660A-1a MI, which is an 1863 store card from merchant J. M. Page & Co., Morenci Mich. I'm sure it is worth more than all the coins combined. Turns out the copper composition (rather than bronze) is what caused the ID to be so high on the Deus.

So far, I am liking this foray into the world of cornfield hunting, now that I have figured out how to find the productive sites. The nearest road to this old house site is 1/4 mile away.

May 19-2024 OBV.JPGMay 19-2024 REV.JPG

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GREAT GOING :) I am waiting for you to come up with gold. You are finding almost everything else

That 2 center is a beauty!

Congratulations on the cool finds! Thanks for posting.

Those coins are in great shape, especially for what sounds like an active field. Those two-centers must have been well made, as they often seem to stand up to the elements nicely, and yours is no exception. Love the token. Congrats!

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