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May 2, 2023
Cassopolis, Michigan
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Nothing spectacular today, but the site keeps giving. Got a holed 1863 fatty, an 1894 V nickel and 1n 1893 IHP. This is the first nickel. We keep hoping for a silver, but it has not happened yet. My brother still has never found a shield nickel, but if this keeps up, we are bound to get one. Total for the site now is;
11 IHps
1 two cent
1 V nickel
1 1863 CWT
These two bring my IHP total to 58 for the year so far.

This has turned out to be the almost perfect cornfield site. The house showed up on the 1872 map but was gone by the 1914 map. We've not gotten a wheatie out of there yet. The newest coin has been a 1902 Indian. It is 1/4 mile back into the section, away from any roads. It's amazing how far a snow plow can throw aluminum cans into those cornfields if you are near a road. There is almost no junk at this site except iron. We've been getting small pieces of lead and copper rivets, but that's about it.

1894 V.JPG

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This site has been great for hard to find dates. I didn't realize it until I checked my Liberty nickel folder to see if I already had the 1894, but I did not because it is a scarcer date. To get an 1872 and 1875 IHP is rare, not to mention the 1862 and 1879, which are not that easy either. That many scarce dates from one cornfield house site is pretty exceptional.

You sir are doing outstanding :)

Finding some goodies at this site. Plus hardly any trash signals would be ideal for sure. Hope you can find more.

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