A Huge Thank You to My TreasureNet Family!


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Sep 23, 2010
Upstate NY
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I want to thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes since my heart surgery back in March. I had a positive visit with my cardiologist today, and all my graphs are holding with no new blockages. Changing up my meds a bit, and I have been cleared to get out and start exercising and metal detecting again. I am thrilled. God Bless You All, and may Big Gold jump under your coils!!!!
Terry …Happy to hear the good news


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Aug 11, 2011
N.E. Oregon
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All Treasure Hunting
Congratulations on your positive cardiologist report! Great news to hear! Just got a great report from my cardiologist two weeks ago! Now, we all look forward to having you around for a lot longer!

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