Another Half Dollar Box and a Box or Quarters


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Sep 7, 2008
Inland NW
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Picked up my Bi monthly coin delivery from the CU and didn't have any luck with Ag in either box however;

I did find 3 1987 Halves 2x D and 1x P and all were in mid to high AU condition! Gold tone, no major scratches from a visual inspection, and pretty shiny.

The quarter box seemed sad at first but turned out to be a quick search too. It was a complete box of Salt Marsh ATB series with 1 W. VA quarter and 24 American Park Samoa (bat) W mint mark sprinkled in!


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Dec 13, 2008
St. Augustine, FL
Nice finds on the West Pointers. The "Salt Marsh" is actually Salt River in St. Croix. I used to live in Christiansted.

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