anyone ever find anything good along a river?


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Jan 11, 2023
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I found a tiny little fish. I feel like I remember my dad having some old lures that had spinners on them that looked like that. I had lost my dad very recently so it felt pretty meaningful.
Thanks for sharing.


Nov 9, 2012
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i would have to assume people have been traveling rivers for ages. i live along a river and in the past have hunted the banks pretty hard only to find fishing lures, sinkers, and beer cans. i even tried hunting after major flood events like when hurricanes hit. and still only find garbage.

so just curious if any other members have found some good treasure along a water way like a river. i mean like on or near the river bank. not 100 yards from the river.
A few weeks ago I thought to myself hm… MD or rock hunting today…. I chose rock hunting and left the detector at home. Walked a few gravel catches around some sand bars on the Ohio.. only thing I found was a silver quarter! Makes sense that it landed in the gravel catch, but this is absolutely in the middle of nowhere, lol. Treasure is where you find it no doubt

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