Anyone still have/use their relic?


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Jul 12, 2016
S.E. Michigan
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All Treasure Hunting
Just curious.

Seems that makro/nokta are releasing detectors so fast people barely have 6 months to use and upload videos to YouTube before moving on to the latest and greatest.
I still have the old relic and racer 2.
Hope there's some out there that still have the relic.
I haven't seen any for sale anywhere really so they must be somewhere!!! Lol.
Happy hunting.


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Jul 26, 2012
Poconos, Nw.NJ & Delaware Valley
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XP Orx, XP Deus Lite , Teknetics T2, Fisher f19
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Relic Hunting
Ive heard they’re pretty good. It’s a mistake to just date detectors. We should go for the LTR ( long term relationship) if we want the most out of them.

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