Bering Sea Gold. Season 15 Summer season.,started tonight at 8am Eastern

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Dec 19, 2003
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First Off I see all the Regulars are Back. Including the possibly Manufactured fight between the Kelly's & Shawn.
Funny how Chris Cries about Shawn Claim Jumping considering ever since the Kellys showed up, it is what they were Known for.
add the fact the Tomcod claim has always been Shawns choice.

my hunch they manufacture a getting together as a team this year :(

only downsides for me, Zeke & his Pirates are back :(, but they are easy to fast forward through. and Vern sitting in the Bar Talking can be ignored too :(

emily is back, but married and I guess in love
with her husband more then gold :sadsmiley: so probably a waste.

but all seem to be on gold, except maybe zeke. I didn't watch him. but if like other years He'll Wrangle his way into Diving someone elses Claim .
like maybe steal from emily, like he did last time i watched him a few seasons ago

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I like the gold shows. I can filter out what is ridiculous as far as prospecting and mining, even with no experience in that type of environment or the larger scale operations.

Something to watch when our northwest weather limits what an old guy like me wants to do outside.


OH I Have no Doubt it would cost the Pomrenke's a lot of Money to finish the dredge up there, perhaps even Steve P to relax his sphincter and chip in , But I Still have to wonder why he hasn't even Brought it up, Or if I missed an update :coffee2:

I'd like to hear Steve tell Shawn, as his Son, he Doesn't owe him anything, & Pay Shawn Back for all all he took from him over the years:icon_thumleft: It's probably already in a Corporation anyway, and only gets paid in words
i read that it didnt past a sonic test and would cost to much to fix it, oops

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