✅ SOLVED Big chunk of rock - natural or mined?

Dougie Webb

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Jun 14, 2019
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Detector(s) used
Fisher F5
Garrett Ace 200
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Metal Detecting
Still having a blast digging up random things on the site of an old 1800's house in my area. Yesterday, I found this 60-pound chunk of granite/quartz that was in the way of *sigh* yet another primitive rusty nail. Also found a huge iron spike buried right next to it (see first picture).

Question is (1) can anyone tell if this rock came from Mother Nature this way or if it was "mined?" The odd-looking indentation in the second picture has me curious. It also just occurred to me that maybe it's a chunk of homemade concrete and that the indentation is from rebar...

Also, this big iron spike - just a construction thing or perhaps something that was used to break up rock?

Thanks for taking a look!



Check out the cylindrical feature on the right side. Natural or not?

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