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Oct 24, 2009
college station tx.
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ace 250,mxtpro
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found these about 4to6 inches on side of small 2ft wide by 1ft deep whole covered with leaves in woods. have not went back yet to dig whole. detector not deep for now only have one. the writing on them are oxfordshire & bucking hamshire on front . cleaned the one on left some in pic. look to be gold plated. found 5 of them. need to know how old . never herd of British in this area. thanks to a post here at tenet i was able to know how to clean them. thanks for looking . new here at tenet.


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Woodland Detectors

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Nov 23, 2008
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Wow. You live in Cheyenne I see.
So, do you know how to use a screen? Like for gold prospecting?
Put the detector down and make a box screen and take a shovel. Then did the hole out. sift the dirt.

This is how some of these cats detect on this site.

You nay have some good finds there
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