Civil War Stamps


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Oct 26, 2004
N. San Diego Pic of my 2 best 'finds'; son & g/son
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Jan 19, 2017
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Thank you Don, the site you offered did explain it, NOW I understand. In those albums I recovered there are a lot of foreign stamps, I transferred them to a new album. As far as American, I am only going for the years the two albums covered, 1847 to 1966. I have been replacing some used stamps with Mint. because they are so very inexpensive, but keeping the used ones put away, and filling in what I do not have with both Mint and used, depending on what I'm willing to spend. Example being, I will never own say a Scott cat. # 2, an 1847 10c black for $12,000 Mint or the take home price of $1,995 used. Whereas the 1940's Commemoratives in Mint are cheap, such as a set of 1945 Commemoratives (13 stamps) sell for $4.95 in Mint. So....switch them out, and store the used. But I think you are already well aware of all this. Thanks again for the site, I now "get it". Dave

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