🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Class ring returned after being lost since 1968The final chapter...ring return


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Jul 4, 2016
Central MI
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E-Trac, Equinox 800, Go-Find 66, ACE 250
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All Treasure Hunting
Bravo Sir!

What goes around comes around.

Old Dude

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Feb 20, 2013
Luzerne County, Pa
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Fisher F75, Garrett ATPro, Garrett GTAx 500
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Metal Detecting
Great job! Sometimes it takes a little effort to find them, but with the internet and diligence most can be found if you really are sincere. People that don't return them miss out on the feeling you get when they look at you incredulously and you can see them trying to grasp it all. I am sure your good deed will come full circle for you.:thumbsup:

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