Clue 4 Peaks Lined up as 1


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Sep 25, 2019
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Good morning EDN,
I think I see what happened. 🤓
Try using the coordinates that I posted …
33. …… degrees N, not 32. …. degrees N
I think that will make a difference 😁👍

Ps- I acquired the image from google earth, using my phone.
I didn’t see settings for switching to decimal degrees, like when using a laptop. It’s just my phone now…

The spot is on the low ridge, north of bull pass, at the north end of Blacktop Mesa, just before dropping down into the switchbacks of Needle canyon.
There is a saddle that ties into the low ridge, on the north side.
Go through the saddle, up onto the highest point of the low ridge …
(almost right where the saddle ties into the low ridge).

Maybe that will be of help.
Here is an image showing the saddle that ties into the low ridge.
The image is looking south into that area.

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