Colombia moves to protect "holy grail' of shipwrecks


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Oct 26, 2004
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The video also showed what looked like a lot of Chinese blue and white porcelain. This wreck is worth a lot.

This is hilarious. “This is not a treasure, we do not treat it as such.” More…
“The exact location of the shipwreck is being kept secret to protect what is considered one of the greatest archaeological finds in history from malicious treasure hunters.”
So a billion in gold is not treasure, and they’re just after the “archaeology”. Right! The politicians in Colombia probably already have plans to spend what they find.

Certainly not! Well, maybe just a few souvenirs…

It‘ll be hard to monetize this much treasure without the bottom falling out of the coin and porcelain markets. It‘ll be interesting to see if there’s a “disturbance in the force“ in these markets. It’s also possible that the Central Bank of Colombia will claim it as a monetary asset. I’m sure there’s much debate in Colombia on the best way to “preserve their cultural heritage.”

get on with it already!!!! We all know it is there...don't care who claims it as it is clearly in what is today Columbian waters... get on with it!!!

You are right ,we don't care who gets it as long as SPAIN doesn't get it. Contact your local country government and urge them to withdraw from the UNESCO Law of the Sea.

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Right, spain should not get a single coin. This is all Colombia and salvage team risking their lives. I wonder how many ships did make it across the atlantic from everything stolen and ransacked?

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Just say no to Spain.


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