Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

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Jan 1, 2013
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I run the GX270/ HP500 on my 4" proline maxed out... If you're going to be carrying in a 5" dredge, a couple GX200's with HP400's works great for deep water. I can't see where running those motors at double rpms will last... seems like they would over heat and burn out faster. I got the clear flow 4" midgrade hose in Sacramento at Capital Rubber, but there are poly hose suppliers all over.

I've used the blue jeans filled with rocks before, it works fine, but a rope tied to the hose just behind the dredge hole and then up to the anchor or in the middle of the anchor rope works best.

Trying to tow the Dahlke just isn't workable. Putting it across a canoe would work. I've done some remote prospecting with the canoe and my 4" Proline. At the end of the water path we had to walk a few more miles with the dredge.. A wheelbarrow works great on trails. And a rototiller makes great trails, even in rocky soil.
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Jun 26, 2014
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Designed and made a 3D printed drop riffle tray for the dahlke. Semi modeled it after the le trap drop riffle sluice. Still need to figure out the rear of the dredge but thinking ribbed matting with raised expanded and screened over with 3/8” 40% open punch plate. Still have some tweaking to do before testing but so far it fits well.

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