Oct 30, 2016
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Minelab Safari
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Metal Detecting
Ok, first of all, thx in advance for any replies. Ive been metal detecting for about 10 years (mainly parks) or so, but finally have an opportunity to devote more time to the hobby. Freshly retired military with no encumberments, so I want to give it a go with finding some gold nuggets. Like a lot of military retirees, I really don't have a home, been in a travel trailer the last year, so I can literally go anywhere. I had to finish up my divorce in the tucson area, but booked 5 days at the lost dutchman SP next week.

I would like to join a club, or meet another detectorist, and spend a day or two around the area nugget shooting.

Any info would be appreciated. My tow vehicle is a 06' one ton cummins diesel 4x4, so I can go off road a bit.

More about me, Ive dredged for gold in the sierra nevadas (whiskey flats near paradise CA) before they outlawed it, shameful, it was a lot of fun!! Im fit and mobile and willing to fund my share of any trip.

Thx again

Tres Hombre

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