Different location, same outcome - another solid roll of silver dimes


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Dec 15, 2018
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Was in SE Florida for the last week or so and did some CRH (there are a ton of banks within short distances of each other, which I like). On Friday 2-16, went into a number of banks and got dimes and nickels (no place had halves, except for $1 from the teller tray).

One of the banks I went into handed me these rolls. I like getting these "old school" type rolls because I generally think someone had kept these coins for a long time and there is likely to be silver. Often, it turns out not to be the case and I get either recent dated coins or all from the mid-60s through the 1990s (so a skunk). But this time it turned out to be a score of a solid roll of FDR dimes. One of the other rolls had a lone silver dime in it as well.

dimes 2-16a.jpg
dimes 2-16b.jpg

The rest of the coins produced these nickels (1944P silver and a 1934 buffalo). There was also this 1943 steel cent in one of the dime rolls.

nickels 2-16.jpg

Thanks for looking and HH

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Jun 12, 2008
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What a roll of dimes, all silver! Congrats on all your silver, nickels and wheat finds! What a lucky week you are having!

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Feb 6, 2024
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Wow, that’s never happened to me before, I’m still waiting.

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