"Elvira," Mistress of the Dark

Terry Soloman

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May 28, 2010
White Plains, New York
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Nokta Makro Legend// Pulsedive// Minelab GPZ 7000// Vanquish 540// Minelab Pro Find 35// Dune Kraken Sandscoop// Grave Digger Tools Tombstone shovel & Sidekick digger// Bunk's Hermit Pick
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
My all time favorite "late night" TV show!

Good one Terry, I got to see her 4 years ago in Indianapolis at the horror hound convention as a kid living in Indiana all we had was Sammy Terry.
Sammy Terry didn't have the neat curves though.

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Thanks for that! I remember the ads she did for Coors Light too. The stores were full of Elvira cardboard cutouts.

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