English Boy Scouts Clasp Knife


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Mar 21, 2016
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Must be antique ?
Anyone got info or resources for me to find details about the maker?
J.E. Trent Sheffield Made
I couldn't find any info on this maker.
I wonder if there is more info about this knife as used or issued by the Boy Scouts...
And if it has any extra collectors value.
I acquired it today at a garage sale event.

Yup, A marlin spike, for the knots.
Got a few now.
Just realized size isn't clear in my photos so here's another.

Thanks, thats very interesting. I thought it was just horn for the scales or handle. I had seen Ray skin before.. I had to look up "Shark skin" specifically . I'm not sure...

I think this knife type is either the Boer war clasp knife or the 1902 pattern clasp knife.

I haven't found any history of that knife and maker but I did find 2 auctions that had the same knife in the lot, one does have "Boy Scouts" etched on the blade but the other has a plain blade.

Boy Scouts knife second from left.

Plain Blade.



Thanks, the one you showed with the boy scouts marking in the shown font is alot like mine. I did see 1 or 2 old ones with the same font. And a few newer ones with similar marking but a bubble letter font.
I did also see a few different and variety of knives from J E Trent . But no real info on this maker that I can find.

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Here we go, found it again one with the "'bubble font"

I may have missed it, but where was it found? England?
The “Boy Scouts” vs. “BSA” makes it pretty rare, if found in the US.
Very nice.👍🏼

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