Equinox 800 Counterweight


Oct 21, 2021
I used to shoot a lot of indoor target archery and I got into making carbon fiber target stabilizers for target bows. I also do metal machining, I've got a small shop here at my home with two metal lathes and two milling machines etc. I came up with an idea for adjustable weights to go on the ends of the stabilizers. I machined them out of 1 1/2" solid round aluminum, they are hollow inside to add weight with a threaded end cap and they attach with a 1/4x20 stud in one end....I also powder coated them black to match the carbon fiber. I've noticed how un-balanced the Equinox is so I machined a threaded end cap to fit in the end of the rod and machined a couple of threaded inserts to fit in a length of carbon fiber for an extension and filled one of the archery weights with lead shot...the weight is about 22oz. and with the carbon fiber extension, it balances almost perfect with the stock coil. I hunted with it the other day for about 9hrs. and I could tell a big difference at the end of the day.....;)


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