Finding a QianLong coin has historic value.

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Feb 23, 2015
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Hi all. This is an out of the ordinary post. I was looking at previous TreasureNet posts about Chinese Qian Long coins 乾隆通宝 found in North America. Their value might not be high in a monetary sense... but historically there is a story to be told.

Let me give you an important historic example.
Qianlong was Emperor in China during the Qing Dynasty 1735-1796. One of his important historic acts was the approval/research of 《四库全书》Siku Quanshu. It's a HUGE complete Imperial Book Collection, a Complete Library of Chinese history/culture/language up till that time. That library is still used today for research in many of China's Universities. I've attached a photo from around 8 years ago. At that time a private collector could purchase a copy of the 500 volumes library for 68000 yuan.. In 2022 that is around 10,700 US dollars.

Personally I would love to find a Qian Long coin while metal detecting in North America. They don't have much monetary value but the history behind Qing Dynasty's Qian Long Emperor is a big interest to me. Happy Hunting Everybody.


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