1. Chinese cup identification

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could please tell me anything about this cup and what the translation might be? Thank you!
  2. Finding a QianLong coin has historic value.

    Hi all. This is an out of the ordinary post. I was looking at previous TreasureNet posts about Chinese Qian Long coins 乾隆通宝 found in North America. Their value might not be high in a monetary sense... but historically there is a story to be told. Let me give you an important historic example...
  3. Chinese Crystal ball, one of a kind? Hand carved and crystal?

    Found this at a old estate sale, i have searched endless online and cannot find anything that looks similar. please advise if this is valuable? maybe ancient chinese
  4. Cinese Vase no markings?

    Picked this up the other day. Wondering if anyone could give me a rough date and price and any other info. Theres no stamp or any other makers mark on it. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Any ivory pros here?

    Would really love to know more about these 3 items ive got. I know nothing about them at all. Except they are old. Have tried to detect the language and tried to decode the signatures but without luck. So any information is heartly welcomed. Thank you guys
  6. Antique flexible pewter bowl and 1700s Trefid spoon?

    Does anyone know anything about this bowl. It appears to be a very flexible pewter bowl about a foot 12" across and has "CHINA" etched in the bottom. Please help. I will post for spoon.
  7. A few cool finds!

    A Dr. Scholls Footeazer, another unknown brass buckle thing, possible music lyre, Revlon 1950s crimson beauty lipstick with lipstick still in it (still smells like grandma), An unknown windmill charm with mother of pearl background (i've scoured the web for this thing, it cant be found...
  8. Chinese Silver Ingot?

    This artifact was found in shallow water on a reef together with other artifacts such as plates and pots. Location is along one of the traditional ancient Chinese shipping routes in Southeast Asia. Could this be a Chinese Silver Ingot?
  9. weird heart shaped rock with asian symbol? what is this?

    found this at a local market, trade day type thing. anyone know what this is?
  10. Chinese chop mark identify

    I inherited a picture made by a chinese person. It has a chinese chop mark and a signature on it. I hope someone here can identify it for me? Many thanks
  11. Vintage patinated foo dog with gold accent, real or fake?

    Hi, This came to us from an estate sale. I found a posting from something similar that was on Etsy, but the listing is no longer on Etsy. Attached are photos an a screen cap of the Pinterest post we have. Can anyone weigh in on whether this is an antique, or a quality vintage reproduction...
  12. Laughing Buddha - 12 inches tall - Porcelain

    Laughing Buddha that stands 12 inches tall. I bought him at an antique/vintage shop over the weekend. (there weren't many garage sales going on so I needed to get my fix at the shop :) I really like the different colors and design on him. I wish I knew when this porcelain Buddha was made...
  13. Interesting Chinese Bronze Item with Dragon

    I'm really not sure at all what this is and I know there's a good chance if anyone can identify it, it will be someone here.. It is quite old and I'm guessing a couple hundred years by the patina. The gauge of the metal is heavy. It appears to probably be a part of something larger. The...
  14. Unknown vase. Please help!

    CHINESE VASE? VALUE? Hey there everyone, Just thought I'd introduce myself, as I'm a new member and this is my very first post! How exciting... So anyway, I picked this vase up a few years back in some musty, old cellar. Unlike myself, my fiance thinks it's hideous and has no value. I assume...
  15. A Few Wheats and My First (Epic) Silver of 2014!

    First time posting in today's finds! Started off the morning with a short hike through my woods to an old house foundation I found 2 days ago, found some weird, flower shaped sprinkler thing on the surface. Decided to head back to my house to search my yard as I wasn't having much luck, and...
  16. Large Chinese vase with Pelicans

    Trying to find out any information about this vase. It is 24" tall and 52" diameter. Enameled pelicans. Thank you.
  17. Hello! every detector fans of TH

    This message is from a far far away place called China.:hello2: The detection hobby is not popular here since many place is restrict to detect. I use a 2000 year Minelab explorer xs ,a White's 6000di and a ace 350 from Garrett. Use a Propointer for pinpoint. Original products for sure...

    Hi All, Just trying to determine what this little box is ------I believe it to be old. It appears to have the remnants of something red inside (makeup?). Thanks.
  19. Chinese Coin???

    Hi, My friend dug this coin up. And neither of us being experts in foreign money, we were not able to identify it. Does anybody know what it is? How old it is? What is it worth? Translation of the characters? Thanks in advance
  20. some chinese/japanese coin..?

    This coin(or token) my mom had and wasn't sure what it was. I have no clue what it could be seeing as its the same thing on both sides of the coin. Any information on this coin would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks! (Pictures below)