Fires around Walla Walla


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Sep 26, 2004
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Well ive been watching the news and the fire maps show east of walla walla burning up! Very sad , theres a cabin up there (been said it is lost) in the fire zone , I think. first time I went there with my dad I was 16,, I'm 58 now. the cabin was built around 1931 32 . nice creek right next to it, and a hard rock gold mine 60 feet away. Take mill creek rd for miles turn off near the clear cut go to the end of the road. Hike ---- miles along the ridge, then go down a canyon for --- miles and there it is you can walk right past it without even seeing it. The claim was under Earl Fraizer's name anyone ever been there , or heard of him?im in Texas now. took my boys there 23 years ago, havnt been there since. now I'm afraid it might be gone forever??? Jonesy
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Apr 16, 2014
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That was a fun trip, and a memory that I will keep forever.
I wander if the cabin survived?

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