First Texas going down


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May 8, 2014
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Is First Texas headed down the same path as Tesoro buy rebadging the same metal detectors and not introducing new tech. I know 15 yrs ago me and other detectorist posting our feelings on Fisher cz series and introducing one with a programable platform like we are seeing from everyone except Fisher today. Fisher should have led the way as they,to me,were the only serious detector in the early 90's. Whites were complex and had no depth for use in the south eastern U.S. Come F.T don't go the way of Tesoro and Whites


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Oct 12, 2007
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As far as Fisher goes.....I thought they hit the fan when the Los Banos, CA factory burned down.

When first texas bought them....i never really felt as though it was the same fisher unit.

Although I liked the f75, the t2, the omega and the Euro tek pro.

As far as new units go.....who knows......They should have made the dual frequency CZ platform into a modern design with a smaller redesigned control housing, a revamped iron disc circuit, digital read out and a DD coil.

They would have sold like hot cakes.

But since the technology from abroad has left the US manufacturers in the dust, they just do not seem as popular as they were when the T2 hit the scene.

As long as there is Hobby lobby and bass pro shops selling bounty hunter metal detectors......I really do not see FT going anywhere for now.


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Sep 16, 2013
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The F75 and T2 are good machines ...and a few years ago were very competitive units. The competition has since left them behind. They did always seem rather fragile and even poorly built to me, especially compared to the older CZ line and the Garrett machines. The truth is that metal detectors are like most other electronics now days and without progression, a company is most likely doomed in the day we live in. I hate to see it, just like i hated to see Tesoro and Whites fall the same way. Garrett best be working on a competitive VLF machine or they may be next....

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