Fossil Teeth ID?

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Aug 4, 2013
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Hey guys! Found these in the Florida panhandle last week with the wife. Not pictured are a few tapir, couple small mastodon shards, etc. These three have me stumped. Is the first one camel?
Tooth #1

Tooth #2
ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1559403724.554970.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1559403740.095984.jpg

Tooth #3 - Big animal of some kind. I can’t place it though. I’m inclined to think giant ground sloth due to the mashing portion of the tooth. Pictures aren’t the best, but it’s definitely a tooth with very clear enamel.
ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1559403795.005976.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1559403818.317003.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1559403841.228270.jpg
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Apr 5, 2007
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#1-looks like camel or deer but I believe camel,
#2- manatee

I was thinking Dugong for the second one but you're probably right.

OP, the first one looks like Camel or Llama, and the third one? it looks like to me to be Rhino and their fossil teeth are found in Florida.

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