Found in garden today.


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Jul 14, 2007


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Jan 16, 2013
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Neat find, yesterday digging in my garden I hit something solid. Turned out to be the chisel end of 1-1/4" hex jackhammer chisel. It's a typical size for 90lb. Jackhammer. I think I tossed it over a fence that sat closer to the house back then in the 1990s. I worked for a company called Brunner & Lay all through that dacade and drove my tail off calling on Mines, Construction supply companies and every mom & pop equipment rental yard in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas panhandle, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Southern half of Wyoming and the panhandle of Nebraska. Often on a stop at a rental yard the proprietor of the shop would hand me their busted tools and asked if I could warrant the item. Sometimes I'd pursue a claim, but a lot of times I'd just toss the broken tools in the trunk and just say I'll see what I can do and then do nothing. I'd just handle the claim with my out of sight out of mind policy. Could be more broken pieces out in the yard. I definitely saw a lot a country with that job. These days all the mom and pop rental yard are all owed by big conglomerates. I quit because of all those buy-outs that started in the later 90s. I was getting a commission on the dollar volume of my territory. The smaller mom & pop shops bought at a much lesser discount than the big corporate accounts that gobbled up the small shops and they required deeper discounts to be competitive. That reduced my commission a ton. Everything since then the equipment rental industry has become monopolize and nobody seems to say anything more than that's just how things are these days with the cost of doing things.

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