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May 16, 2023
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We went to the top of the Gateway Arch yesterday. 630 feet at the top. Pretty wild. In the shot from the ground, you see a few tiny black dots across the top. That's the windows. I took the third shot looking down on St. Louis from one of those windows.


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I’ve been up there. Did you like the ride up when the car rotated to match the curve of the arch?
That takes a bit of getting used to. Just a bit unnerving. But better than going up there upside down or something.

Rather go to McDonald’s and see 2.

Just kidding. Nice pics.

I can still recall there was an article in those grade school publications called the Weekly Reader about the construction of the Gateway Arch. That was probably around 1964 and we lived in the Chicago area. It was then I wanted to someday visit it and go to the top. I've seen it, but still to this day haven't taken a visit to the top.

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