Got Above Freezing.....And Out I Went!


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Mar 21, 2005
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A fine day it was yesterday at the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton. Warm, partly cloudy with light winds. I took my Geo (Geometric) drop riffle highbanker for another dig. It's about 1/2 mile pulling the sled. Easy going down the valley, a good workout pulling my equipment back out, up the river valley. Got some gold, and a first....a clay marble in one of my shovel scoops. It could predate back to the late 1800's. Also got some smaller pieces of petrifies wood, a small piece of petrified dino bone and a fossilized bone in iron stone. I highlighted the bone with nail polish.....unfortunately, it wasn't dry and just reflected my light. Lesson learned!





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May 29, 2005
St. Louis, missouri
Years back I used to go to a small stream in the Winter time here in Misery . It didn't have a lot of people visiting it and it was deep in a Limestone valley that blocked the wind but not the sun and it had slabs of Limestone that almost looked like a sidewalk and clear water flowing through it..... It was a perfect place to sit on them slabs and classify / pan my cons for fine gold . NO I couldn't get rich here but it helped with the Winter blues of not being able to go out dredging ! It was very enjoyable going there and bringing a few friends and sitting back in the sun shine and remembering past times with friends ! It's just a memory now and those friends I brought there are gone now . GOOD memories for sure !


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Oct 28, 2008
Northern California
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Real nice post Russ. I too have those fond memories. Along a stream prospecting
in the warm sunshine and on a ridge line hunting for deer as the sun comes up. It’s actually a morning like that here in redwood country as I continue to rebuild the porch and railings on a old cabin I have. Still a little cool in the shade of the big trees, but the old haymaker is getting higher.


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