Help me to identify minerals in Ore samples from an exhausted mine


Oct 20, 2018
washington state
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A while back my son and I explored an abandoned Lode mine named the Clipper mine in Pierce County Washington.

Mine history;
The Copper rich vein was discovered around 1900 and blasting of the adit started almost immediately. The miners followed the vein until it was exhausted.
Assay results;
Ore: Copper, gold.
Ore min: Chalcopyrite, bornite, pyrite, arsenopyrite, malachite.
Gangue: Tourmaline, quartz.
Deposit: Joint planes in granodiorite have
been hydrothermally altered and mineralized.
The country rock is granodiorite.

By using these photos and published assay reports concerning the veins mineral composition maybe you all can help me identify these black minerals. The black material is made of small crystals and might smell like sulfur so, maybe a sulfate of lead or arsenic; I just don't know. Also, what depth and what temperature was this water when this was forming.

clipper_mine (3).jpg

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clipper_mine (16).jpg

clipper_mine (8).jpg


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Sep 19, 2006
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Streak and hardness test the black stuff. Let's limit possibilities, first.

Also, what depth and what temperature was this water when this was forming.

You need to do lab-testing to tell that kinda stuff.
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