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- Author: Samuel P. Bates
- PUBLISHER: B. Singerly, State Printer
- SUBJECT: History, Genealogy, Civil War, Pennsylvania
- PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 6910 p., 5 Volumes: Illustrations and Maps
- NOTES: A very comprehensive PA Civil War Soldier history.

This is a real treasure chest of info for relic and CW encampment hunters. It goes into detail about where these regiments were on a daily basis, where the large battles and small skirmishes occurred, even where they camped. And this info pertains to everywhere they went during the war, not just Pennsylvania. Many untouched camps and battlefields have been found using the information in these pages. If Winter has got you down and you can't MD, you might as well do a little research for upcoming hunts.

This CD contains electronic reprints of the pages in the 5 Volumes of “History of Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-5”. Bates History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-5, Volumes 1 thru 5, is the most comprehensive set of volumes ever created on the men from Pennsylvania who served in the Civil War. If you have an ancestor who served in PA in this time period, you will find him here. Each regiment listing includes a history of the unit, and then is broken down into individual companies and soldiers. Information can include name, rank, date of muster into service, length of service, and remarks that can include discharge date and reason, transfers, desertions, promotions with date, death date and place, burial date and place, and many other tidbits valuable to the genealogical researcher. Also includes all colored regiments.

The following Regiments are includes in these volumes:

Regimental Index Volume 1
First Five Companies
1st Regiment
2nd Regiment
3rd Regiment
4th Regiment
5th Regiment
6th Regiment
7th Regiment
8th Regiment
9th Regiment
10th Regiment
11th Regiment
12th Regiment
13th Regiment
14th Regiment
15th Regiment
16th Regiment
17th Regiment
18th Regiment
19th Regiment
20th Regiment
21st Regiment
22nd Regiment
23rd Regiment
24th Regiment
25th Regiment
The Erie Regiment
Philadelphia City Troop
26th Regiment
27th Regiment
28th Regiment
29th Regiment
Introductory Note to the Reserve Corps
30th Regiment
31st Regiment
32nd Regiment
33rd Regiment
34th Regiment
35th Regiment
36th Regiment
37th Regiment
38th Regiment
39th Regiment
40th Regiment
41st Regiment
42nd Regiment
43rd Regiment
44th Regiment
45th Regiment
46th Regiment
47th Regiment
48th Regiment
49th Regiment
50th Regiment

Regimental Index Volume 2
51st Regiment
52nd Regiment
53rd Regiment
54th Regiment
55th Regiment
56th Regiment
57th Regiment
58th Regiment
59th Regiment
60th Regiment
61st Regiment
62nd Regiment
63rd Regiment
64th Regiment
65th Regiment
66th Regiment
67th Regiment
68th Regiment
69th Regiment
70th Regiment
71st Regiment
72nd Regiment
73rd Regiment
74th Regiment
75th Regiment
76th Regiment
77th Regiment
78th Regiment
79th Regiment
80th Regiment
81st Regiment
82nd Regiment
83rd Regiment
84th Regiment

Regimental Index for Volume 3
85th Regiment
87th Regiment
88th Regiment
89th Regiment
90th Regiment
91st Regiment
92nd Regiment
93rd Regiment
95th Regiment
96th Regiment
97th Regiment
98th Regiment
99th Regiment
100th Regiment
101st Regiment
102nd Regiment
103rd Regiment
104th Regiment
105th Regiment
106th Regiment
107th Regiment
108th Regiment
109th Regiment
110th Regiment
111th Regiment
112th Regiment
113th Regiment
114th Regiment
115th Regiment
116th Regiment
117th Regiment
118th Regiment

Regimental Index for Volume 4
119th Regiment
121st Regiment
122nd Regiment
123rd Regiment
124th Regiment
125th Regiment
126th Regiment
127th Regiment
128th Regiment
129th Regiment
130th Regiment
131st Regiment
132nd Regiment
133rd Regiment
134th Regiment
135th Regiment
136th Regiment
137th Regiment
138th Regiment
139th Regiment
140th Regiment
141st Regiment
142nd Regiment
143rd Regiment
145th Regiment
147th Regiment
148th Regiment
149th Regiment
150th Regiment
151st Regiment
152nd Regiment
153rd Regiment
154th Regiment
155th Regiment
157th Regiment
158th Regiment
159th Regiment
160th Regiment
161st Regiment
162nd Regiment
163rd Regiment
165th Regiment
166th Regiment
167th Regiment
168th Regiment
169th Regiment
171st Regiment
172nd Regiment
173rd Regiment
174th Regiment
175th Regiment
176th Regiment
177th Regiment
178th Regiment
179th Regiment

Regimental Index for Volume 5
180th Regiment
181st Regiment
182nd Regiment
183rd Regiment
184th Regiment
185th Regiment
186th Regiment
187th Regiment
188th Regiment
190th Regiment
191st Regiment
192nd Regiment
193rd Regiment
194th Regiment
195th Regiment
196th Regiment
197th Regiment
198th Regiment
199th Regiment
200th Regiment
201st Regiment
202nd Regiment
203rd Regiment
204th Regiment
205th Regiment
206th Regiment
207th Regiment
208th Regiment
209th Regiment
210th Regiment
211th Regiment
212th Regiment
213th Regiment
214th Regiment
215th Regiment
Independent Battery A
Independent Battery B
Independent Battery C
Independent Battery D
Independent Battery E
Independent Battery F
Independent Battery G
Independent Battery H
Independent Battery I
Independent Company C
3rd US Colored Regiment
6th US Colored Regiment
8th US Colored Regiment
22nd US Colored Regiment
24th US Colored Regiment
32nd US Colored Regiment
41st US Colored Regiment
43rd US Colored Regiment
45th US Colored Regiment
127th US Colored Regiment

PA021DigiCover.jpg PA021Image8.jpg PA021Image1.jpg PA021Image2.jpg PA021Image3.jpg PA021Image4.jpg PA021Image5.jpg PA021Image6.jpg PA021Image7.jpg

There are many thousands of names mentioned throughout these 5 volumes. These Volumes on CD are also completely TEXT SEARCHABLE. Search any surname and within seconds the Adobe Reader will show the results of that surname found in these 6910 pages. A wonderful tool! Index and Contents pages are also Hyper-Linked. Simply click on a page number and you will be taken directly to the correct page in the correct volume.
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